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Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh, Craiglist people...

A lot of the work I do is for people on Craigslist. Half the time they're looking for free work. I'm not sure why they think this is acceptable. Most of the time I don't reply when, "There's no pay, but it would be great exposure for your reel". This time I did. Here's the email I received with my response.

Guy who wants a music video:

Hey Ryan we'd love to have you make a dark animated video for our song. It would be great exposure however there is no pay. You could easily make something dark without putting alot of time in it. We have several U.S. tours coming up and it would help promote what you do. We'd like to have something like what Gojira does here's a link to one of there videos Seems simple to me but I'm no animator! I'm sending you an mp3 of the song!

My response:

Hi [craigslist poster],

Thanks for getting back to me. You're absolutely correct, I could easily make your animated music video without putting a lot of time into it. There's really nothing to it. In fact, most of us freelance animators work for no pay and sustain ourselves through the self-satisfaction that comes from helping others promote and make money while getting nothing in return. You obviously have a lot of respect for your music and therefore want to produce a well made video to showcase your talent. Trust me, you went the right way. You'll find nothing but Grade-A animators to produce your work since they don't have to go through all the rigmarole of sending out invoices and file taxes and all that cumbersome paper work. It must of been really difficult to strain through all the professional animators who were willing, nay, clammoring to spend there business hours creating your music video. Someone like you that has soo much respect for the art community must have a lot of respect for their own work. That's just so rare.

As a fellow artist, who sustains myself through my own sense of self worth, I'm going to let you take all the glory by letting you make your own music video. After all, you too could easily make something dark without putting a lot of time in it. Think of it as a double-whammy. Not only are you making the music, but your self-produced video would also "help promote what you do". Now I know by letting you do the video it's going to be a hit to my business, but I just want to see you thrive. After all, us artists don't do it for the money, right?

Thanks again,

Ryan Ortgiesen


Nick said...

Ahahahha. Maybe you should also start writing satire...