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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Blurry line separates 'sweating the small stuff' and plain laziness...

I Googled 'cutting your own hair'. After the first site I clicked on I instantly realized that the internet does in fact 'know all' except common sense which (ironically) I did not use. It pretty much consists of taking scissors too your hair and cutting it.  I started thinking about how this relates to my favorite pair of pants. Through skateboarding, and rigorous/extensive wearing, they received two enormous holes in the back pockets. Pretty soon my underwear started getting large holes in the same area since there was no jean material too protect them, so now I have to coordinate my underwear with my jeans so that my bare ass doesn't shine through. Sometimes it's hard to think of things like getting a haircut, or buying new underwear unless it's right their in front of your face... or maybe it's something entirely different, because I have really long hair.